Now that we had the main design in hand and the logistical stuff sorted out, we shifted our attention to some of the more fun details of the build.  The first item on the list was the millwork.  

For the most part, we wanted to go for a simple, quality build to keep within the budget, taking any liberties in the kitchen where we knew we would get the most out of any higher-end features.


The stairs leading to the bedrooms are two-tiered with a lot of extra space on the landing.  Adding a reading nook to the landing would give the spot some character and utility.

The design we went with has a bit of a nod to the Tudor style that we are going with on the exterior, blending the old with the new.  There is storage under the bench and bookshelves on either side.  Hopefully, the kids read there one day and it doesn’t become just a sophisticated place where the dog sleeps.

Living Room Built-In

We’ve always wanted a fireplace.  It’s a great focal point and makes a room feel more welcoming.

The design here is a wood-framed fireplace (we’re not going with the stone as the picture suggests) and white shelving and cabinets around it.  It’s still a smaller-sized room, so we wanted to keep the look simple and clean.


In the pantry, we’re going with open shelving and a butcher block counter.  We’ll keep the microwave in here, a spot to store wine, and some storage for brooms, etc.  Function and simplicity.  

We’ve been living without any sort of pantry storage to this point, so this whole thing is a bonus. Em can’t wait to create a Kardashian-like mason jar heaven filled with cookies and chocolate chips.


This is what I’m most excited about.  For starters, we’ve ditched our old electric range and are getting a nice 36” gas range.  It has nothing to do with millwork, but I’m very excited.  We do a lot of entertaining and cook most of our meals, so the kitchen really is the heart of our home.

The colour scheme will be different than the images here.  The range hood and the island will be wood that is stained about two shades darker than the floor.  Everything else will be white.  

On the island, a full-paneled dishwasher, a sink, and storage on both sides to make use of all of the space.  The fridge is a normal counter depth fridge, we chose not to go with a paneled built-in as the added cost to do so just didn’t seem worth it.  We added a mixer lift as we use the KitchenAid mix quite a bit, and also a cool corner pull-out mechanism called “The Magic Corner 2” (how awesome is the music track in that clip).  Those details add to the bottom line, but we felt that we saved it in other areas, and they will get a lot of use.

As of the day of this post, the design is still not finalized, so if you have any suggestions we’d love to hear them.  You can post in the comments section or reach out at

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